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Our Doors May Be Closed, But Your Stories Are Welcomed.

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Liberty Inn is (still) the highest-rated  romantic short stay hotel in NYC.

Liberty Inn offered a unique experience designed specifically for lovers who want something special on their romantic date.  


Avg. 4.4 out of 5


Avg. 4.0 out of 5


Avg. 4.0 out of 5

No reservations needed.
We accepted walk-in’s anytime.

Liberty Inn was once one of the best of short term stay hotels in NYC and love motel in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs. Some of our exclusive benefits included:

Book your daytime hotel in New York City Enjoy discounted room rates  Free cancellation policy Reserve with a credit card online or call our front desk.   Your go-to romantic daytime hotel in New York City

Amour Rooms

Amour Rooms

Nestled in the heart of New York City, The Liberty Inn NYC stood out as one of the best romantic hotels for a short, intimate getaway. This boutique Manhattan hotel offered a unique and unforgettable experience with its stylishly decorated Amour rooms. The Amour rooms featured vibrant, colorful decor with sensual accents that created an inviting, amorous atmosphere ideal for couples. Plush, luxurious bedding and mood lighting set the romantic tone. Aromatherapy amenities enhanced the intimate ambiance.

With their playful yet sophisticated vibe, the Amour rooms at The Liberty Inn provided the perfect setting for a memorable romantic escape in NYC. Located in the lively Chelsea area, the hotel placed you steps away from iconic attractions like The High Line, Chelsea Market and 5-star restaurants. 

Whether you were celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon, or a romantic weekend getaway, this adults-only boutique hotel offered a seductive and convenient home base to experience the best of Manhattan.

Red accented romantic hotel room in NYC

Romantic Interlude Rooms

For couples seeking an intimate and unforgettable romantic experience, The Liberty Inn NYC offered its Romantic Interlude Rooms – lavish accommodations that provided the ultimate setting for a passionate and memorable getaway in Lower Manhattan. Guests stepped into a world of romance with the eye-catching murals adorning the walls of the Romantic Interlude Rooms. Beautifully painted scenes set the mood for love and intimacy. Soft mood lighting cast a warm, seductive glow, creating an alluring ambiance that enhanced the rooms’ amorous flair.

The centerpiece of these romantic rooms was the luxurious two-person jacuzzi tub. Couples unwound together as they soaked in the soothing waters, letting the stresses of everyday life melt away. The jacuzzi provided the perfect opportunity to connect, indulge, and create lasting romantic memories during their stay.

With their captivating murals, mood lighting, and indulgent jacuzzi tubs, the Romantic Interlude Rooms at The Liberty Inn NYC guaranteed an unforgettable and passionate experience for couples seeking a romantic urban escape.

Room Amenities for Everyone.

Liberty Inn was the best romantic themed hotel for a New York City getaway. From the city’s sexiest rooms to the most affordable options, the Romantic Interlude and Amour rooms were some of the favorite places to spend an evening or two together. Guests walked in and reserved by the hour or spent the night with their sweetheart, enjoying all things romantic. When looking for short term stay hotels in NYC, Liberty Inn was the place to go.

Mood Lighting Mood Lighting
Room Service Available* Room Service Available*
Ceiling Murals Ceiling Murals
Two-person Jacuzzi Tub Two-person Jacuzzi Tub
Position Pillows Position Pillows
Wall Mirrors Wall Mirrors
Romantic Decor Romantic Decor

Book by the Hour Anytime. No Cancellation Fees.

Liberty Inn was the premier hourly hotel in New York City, located in Chelsea by the Highline and Hudson Park. The perfect hotel for couples in NYC, this hotel is near 14th Street in NYC and hotel in 10014 zip code.

Open 24 Hours / 7 Days

Open 24/7

Reserve online anytime or call us during business hours.
Walk-in’s welcomed.

Book Hotel Rooms by the Hour

Rooms By The Hour

Book a hotel room by the hour for up to 10 hours or choose an overnight stay.

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We accepted debit and all major credit cards when you book and pay online.

No Cancellation Fees

No Cancellation Fees

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Romance. New York Style.
Romance. New York Style.

For over 40 years, Liberty Inn was the highest rated romantic short stay hotel for NYC couples seeking that elusive prize – an intimate yet vibrant setting where they could lose themselves in love.

You wouldn’t find any resemblance there to traditional room by the hour hotels. Perhaps even more importantly – you wouldn’t find the boring sameness of ‘standard’ hotel rooms.

Instead, the now closed Liberty Inn in NYC was renowned for its stylish, lively rooms by the hour with lots of features and amenities tailor-made for romance, along with an easygoing atmosphere that let guests hang loose and feel good from the moment they walked in.

Its mission was to create just the right romantic setting and ambiance for couples to enjoy moments of tenderness, playfulness, and passion for romantic date nights – whether booking by the hour or staying overnight. Liberty Inn offered a romantic getaway at what was once the best short stay hotel in NYC for couples.

While its doors may be closed, the legacy of Liberty Inn lives on. They are inviting former guests to share stories and confessions from their memorable stays, celebrating the one-of-a-kind romantic experiences the hotel provided over four decades in New York City.

Liberty Inn Offers Modern, Stylish, and Colorful Rooms filled with Romantic Ambience and Amenities.

Liberty Inn, the former premier hourly hotel in New York City, was located in Chelsea near Little Island, the High Line, and Hudson Park. It was renowned for having the highest standards of cleanliness among romantic hotels in NYC with in-room jacuzzis. Liberty Inn was once rated the best of hourly motels in the Bronx and for hotel couples in NYC, including Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, Westchester, and New Jersey.

When guests were looking for romantic NYC hotels with in-room jacuzzis and other great amenities, Liberty Inn was the go-to destination. Some of the amenities that made it a renowned short-stay romance getaway included:

  • Beautiful and spacious rooms
  • Romantic Decor and accents
  • Two-person in-room jacuzzi tub in Romantic Interlude rooms
  • Mood lighting with adjustable settings
  • Eye-catching murals and paintings
  • Free in-house adult video streaming service

Though Liberty Inn has now closed its doors, it left behind a lasting legacy as one of New York City’s most iconic and celebrated romantic hotels for couples seeking intimacy and passion. The hotel invites former guests to share their memorable stories and confessions from their stays at this once premier hourly hotel.

Beautiful and Spacious Rooms

Beautiful and Spacious Rooms

Romantic Decor and Accents

Romantic Decor and Accents

Two-Person Jacuzzi Tub in Romantic Interlude Rooms

Two-Person Jacuzzi Tub in Romantic Interlude Rooms

Mood Lighting with Adjustable Settings

Mood Lighting with Adjustable Settings

Eye-Catching Murals and Paintings

Eye-Catching Murals and Paintings

Free In-House Adult Video Streaming Service

Free In-House Adult Video Streaming Service


Our Guests Loved Us!


“Staying here is convenient to NYC dwellers. I’ve been here many times in the past. Check-in asks you how many hours, usually 2,3,4 or 5 hours. The lobby is very clean. Right off the West Side Highway. The showers are good, and the TV is wonderful.”

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This hotel is beyond amazing….. I would recommend it to all couples out there in Manhattan and I hope nothing about this hotel ever changes….. Awesome job guys! Keep it up!


“If you’re looking for a place to have some romantic fun in the city, this is it. Clean rooms, and even the basic rooms are very romantic and help you get in the mood. Keep up the great work!”