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The Legacy of Liberty Inn NYC


NYC's Legendary Lovers' Retreat

Welcome to the Legacy of Liberty Inn, a tribute to the cherished memories and romantic escapades that graced the walls of New York City’s most iconic short-stay hotel. For over four decades, Liberty Inn has stood as a beacon of love and intimacy, a private sanctuary amidst the bustling cityscape.

A Storied Past

Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, Liberty Inn began its journey in 1978 as a haven for lovers seeking to escape the ordinary. With vibrant decor, mood lighting, and in-room jacuzzi, the hotel quickly became synonymous with romance and discretion. It wasn’t just a hotel – it was a destination where countless stories unfolded, and intimate moments were savored.


Rooms That Whispered Love

Each room at Liberty Inn was a canvas for passion. From the Amour Rooms with their stylish colorful decor to the Romantic Interlude Rooms with eye-catching murals and two-person jacuzzi, every detail was designed to ignite the flames of love. Guests would leave with more than just memories; they carried away experiences that would last a lifetime.

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Guests Who Loved and Lived

The true essence of Liberty Inn lies in the stories of its guests. It was a place where anniversaries were celebrated, spontaneous getaways turned into cherished traditions, love rekindled in the glow of mood lighting, all filled with laughter and quiet whispers of sweet nothings.

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Share Your Story With Us

Now, as we close the chapters of Liberty Inn history, we invite you to join us in celebrating its legacy. Though the doors may no longer open, the memories created within will continue to resonate. It’s time to gather stories, anecdotes, and testimonials from those of you who shared those special moments here.

Liberty Inn may have bid its final adieu as a hotel, but its legacy of love and romance shall forever remain a vibrant chapter in the heart of New York City.

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